How to deactivate all notifications on Windows 10

Even though sometimes Windows 10 notifications may be helpful, the truth is most of the times these are a bother and a distraction, since you can’t avoid looking at every notification it shows you on the desktop despite what you are doing. The last version of Microsoft’s operative system offers the possibility of deactivating notifications and even doing it individually for the installed apps that can show notifications. We will show you next how to deactivate all notifications. (Read More: Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Review)

The new settings page on Windows 10 has load of settings to manage different aspects of the system, among them, Windows 10 notifications. So from there, we will be able to deactivate most of Windows 10 notifications.

Steps to follow in order to deactivate any kind of notifications on Windows 10

The first thing we need to do is to open the page of Windows 10 Settings and browse through the options System > Notifications and Actions. Once we are there, we need to go to the Notifications section, where we can deactivate Windows 10 notifications on certain sites. First, we will find a switch that lets us deactivate notifications from the apps and other senders, deactivate notifications on lock-screen, deactivate warnings and incoming calls from VoIP on lock-screen and hide notifications if we duplicate our screen.

Also, we can get rid of advertising notifications, meaning those that appear to show us certain tricks, advice or recommendations while we use Windows or those that show us news and use recommendations after the system’s update. We can activate or deactivate each and every one of these options by simply sliding the switches next to each of them.

Below that, we will find another section, Receive notifications from these senders. This is where we can deactivate notifications from Windows preinstalled and third party apps that can show us notifications on the device. Even after deactivating the switches on each of these apps it is advisable that you check the settings on each app since maybe it is also necessary to deactivate them from the settings page of each app.

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