Samsung is working on a laptop with gesture controls

Samsung, the Southcorean company leader in consumer electronics, has been working on gesture controls since the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a very special way. The company calls this technology ‘Air Gestures’, because its devices have sensors capable of interpreting gestures “on the air” without touching any of the device’s surfaces. Now, according to a patent filed on the US, Samsung is working on a laptop with this technology.

In the Brand and Patents office in the US, Samsung has filed for a patent for a new laptop. It seems to be its next ‘flagship’ in their laptop series, with a trackpad sensitive to pressure and with the necessary sensors to recognize this gesture control without direct contact with the device. As shown in the patent filing, the trackpad would be in charge of interpreting the user’s gestures and above it is where the user should perform this gestures. For the time being, we don’t know which kind of gestures and for what purpose is the company setting them.

A trackpad sensitive to pressure with gesture controls ‘without touching’ the computer

This new trackpad will be in charge of carrying the new sensors that the Southcorean company needs to equip their laptops with the technology of gesture recognition. Besides the usual tactile gestures, controlled through a trackpad – even the simplest -, the Southcorean firm wants to introduce the Air Gestures it introduced a couple years ago on its mobile devices. On them and with this technology we have been able to do things like zoom in or swipe on specific sections without having to touch any surface of the device.

Air Gestures disappeared on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we haven’t seen it since on mobile devices from the Southcorean firm. Nevertheless, Samsung is planning the launch of this technology on computers. Right now, we don’t know when this gestures will become available. Anyway, these will be additional functions to the touch controls that already exist in a conventional trackpad.

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